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The worst business decision I've made to date was doing business with this company. I would not recommend.


Yup. What they said. Do not give them a chance to even walk into your business.


Yep.... exactly what the last review said. It's also taking over a year to get our retirement plan for 1 top heavy owner cancelled while they charge our account $140 a month while they play around getting it done. Have went through phone calls and 2 HR people. Not to mention they failed to pay our unemployment insurance for 2016 and didn't pay our workmans Comp like they said they would. Now I need 2016 reports and they took away my access to my online info. Emails non exsistant. We payed them a lot of money and now have the IRS to deal with because they didn't pay like we paid them to do. Big mistake. We also left our payroll service to come to Paychex. Now we have 1 person that takes care of it all flawlessly. Everything paid and on time, communication is awesome. And a big company couldn't handle 7 employees including the owners. Red flag!


moved to the flex system and it is the worst system possible. There is no customer service. asked to have someone in charge call back and never receive any calls. the new system is more like a beta system then something that has been completed. response time on any issue is not there. most of the people in the company are on the east coast so if you are on the west coast dont plan on having anyone respond to you until the next day if at all.


Our experience with pay checks could not be worse. We switched to them from another local payroll service and they seemed confidant that they could handle our payroll. we have less than 20 employees and simple pension deductions. We we disappointed and frustrated with them form the very beginning. We only had them run three payrolls and the completely screwed up every one. Peoples hourly wages were incorrect and 401k withholding were doubled for several employees. For the second pay period it was more of the same and at this point we learned they could not make our pension contributions electronically and so we had to do the calculations. What is the point of a payroll service if we are calculating and making payments. On the third payroll they deducted the full payroll from my account twice which caused several other payments to be returend NSF. When I tried to contact them to correct the problem I discovered how all of this cold be occurring, no one in there office knows what they are doing. Many phone calls later they informed me it would take at least 5 business days to return my money, it actually took 9. At this point we switched back to our original service. In the months to come I have had my account debited for fees associated with payrolls that they are not doing. Same circus trying to get them to return my money. The competence level at paychecks is low to non-existent. I would highly recommend that you look for another company to handle your payroll they are terrible.


Promises made during the sales process were empty. The Flex product is sub par, errors appear for no reason. 415 limits were not programmed in, support staff is not knowledgeable and our service rep changed 5 times in a year. I can't say enough to discourage you from considering Paychex. They did not meet the deadline for our 1095C distribution to employees and support was HORRIBLE, no, it was non-existent.

Horrible to do business with, no support, online services are constantly down

Support is negligible at best, online is constantly down. Do not receive call backs, no user support, no books to review options, etc.

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