On Site Agency Verification

During our analysis of payroll and HR management services we often allow vendors the opportunity to invite us to their place of business for a more in-depth analysis. This gives our research team the opportunity to validate the information provided to us by the vendors while ensuring that the vendors featured in our rankings truly have a physical presence within their industry.

We actively encourage providers of payroll and HR consulting services and creators of tools and software to invite us to their place of business in order to get to better know them and understand their competitive advantages of proprietary strategies. We assure the vendors we meet confidentiality in the information revealed to us and use the information to further validate their performance in our evaluation process. It is an opportunity for vendors to cement their positioning within the rankings or potentially improving their position if the unveiled information warrants a higher position.

During these visits our team uses the time to learn more about the internal philosophies and the individuals involved in offering their services or software. This is an opportunity that is normally not provided to the research team which can be used in order to cast aside any doubt they may have in the claims made by the provider or to further ascertain the benefits of the service or software. Time can also be spent understanding the influence which management has over their teams and how different advantages affect their internal practices and philosophies.

Those interested in providing our research team with an inside look at their on-site location can begin the process by filling out the "contact us" form on our website.

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