Evaluation Methods

The methods we use at bestpayrollservices.com to determine which companies are truly the leaders and innovators within the industry are methods being continually modified and improved upon over the course of our research. While we have an established method which is used to determine which vendors to feature in the rankings and in which order, we may make updates to these methods over time.


Our evaluation process starts with an initial analysis of each vendor competing within the industry. While we may not be introduced to every provider of payroll services within the industry we continue to involved ourselves in the scenes where both newcomers within the industry and leaders are engaged in discussing and unveiling of new information and statistics relevant to the industry. During this phase of our research we are able to determine which vendors we are most interested in evaluating and how to approach the evaluation.

Evaluation Process

The evaluation process is a continuing development which aims to benchmark and compare the leading providers of payroll and HR consulting services. The process involves the identification of five areas of evaluation which most impact the overall quality of service being provided to their client businesses. Each of the five areas of evaluation is specific to the type of service being offered and are used to benchmark each vendor to determine the overall quality of service. In addition, the research team also connects with clients of the vendors in order to validate the claims made by the vendors and to obtain feedback on different types of services each client has used.


We also believe it is important for the leading providers of payroll and HR consulting services to be active within their industry. During our analysis we connect with a number of different conferences and events which house providers of payroll and HR consulting services. We determine which vendors are most active in ensuring their dedication towards excellence and ensuring quality information available to interested professionals within the industry. It is important for those interested in working within the industry to have access to training and information resources which educate them on new developments within the industry.

Warning Factors

We take into consideration the concerns of our visitors and those which have used payroll and HR management services when performing our research. We are actively engaging users in order to better understand the aspects of these businesses which they avoid or which have caused them distress in the past in order to investigate those aspects during our analysis. In addition, we avoid recommending vendors which exhibit signs of struggle, downsizing, or unethical behaviors negatively impacting their industry as a whole.

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